Hester's Kennel

NKC Licensed Chihuahua Breeders



Welcome to Hester's Kennel!!    

 We are NKC Licensed Professional Breeders of high quality,

Smooth Coat, Companion Chihuahuas.


We currently have 7 Chi's in our breeding program. We have 4 females and 3 males, whom we love dearly!  We also have our retired breeders who've been spayed/neutered.

We take great pride in our dogs, and only breed them once per year, assuming it won't endanger their health.  We breed for specific traits such as color and temperament.  We strive to assure that all of our puppies are healthy, conform to breed standards, and are very well socialized and comfortable from the day they are born.







               ALL puppies come with a 1 year Health Warranty!!





We ask that, if you aren't prepared or willing to go to GREAT lengths to care for a litter of puppies, please have your puppy spayed/neutered.  We, at any time in their life, will accept any of our puppies back if you cannot or are not willing to care for them properly.  I would like nothing more than for All animal shelters be able to close their doors for good.  Puppies are like small children and require patience and a life-long commitment, so PLEASE BREED RESPONSIBLY!!


               We will happily ship our puppies to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Shipping charge is $275 and will include airfare, shipping crate, vet certificate, and delivery to McGhee-Tyson Airport.  We ask that you use Paypal or Western Union for these purchases in order to prevent delay of shipping.


We accept payment by: Cash, Money Order, Western Union, or Paypal


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                     Contact us @ 423-435-5957


                         or email us at  [email protected]