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Pixie has replaced Hershey in our breeding program. She is out of Hershey and Brownie.  Pixie is CKC Registered.   She was born on July 22, 2013.  She is chocolate with white markings.  She is a very happy girl and loves to know what's going on.  Pixie loves attention.  This sweet little girl will continue the next generation of our breeding program.


This pretty girl is Sadie.  She is another of our 2nd generation of breeders.  She was born April 25, 2013 to Daddy's Boy Dusty and Sweet Sapphire.  She is black with white markings, but has a recessive blue gene.  She is full of personality!  Sadie is CKC Registered.  She weighs around 6 1/2 lbs.


This gorgeous girl is Savannah.  She was born Oct. 12, 2011.  She begins the next generation of dames for Hester's Kennel.  She has a shiny Black coat with White markings.  She is 5 lbs and is CKC and NKC Registered. She has a great personality and loves to be with people.  



Candy is one of Lambo and Dusty's puppies.  We decided to keep her because we felt she'd be a great breeder.  She was born July 9, 2009.  She is CKC and NKC registered and very healthy and happy.  Candy is white w/chocolate markings.

She's an active little girl and loves playing. She also loves to snuggle and will sit on my lap all day long if I let her.  Candy weighs about 5 lbs.   

         Retired Dames Listed Below:

 Sweet Sapphire (Sassy) *** RETIRED *** CKC AND NKC REGISTERED



Hershey    *** Retired ***       CKC and NKC Registered


This little lady is Hershey.  She is NKC and CKC Registered.  She is chocolate with white markings.  She has a sweet temperament and is a great mom.  She loves attention and is proud to show off her babies.  Her last litter was born June 17, 2015 and she is now retired from our breeding program.  She will be spayed soon.

Lady Lamborghini:   *** RETIRED***   CKC AND NKC REGISTERED